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there's a lot of band pics and assorted other ones from the phenomenaut, teenage harlet, and the rock n roll adventure kids show it was awesome.
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this is my friend mike and orbit.

this is the rock n' roll adventure kids

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these two lovely ladies are andrea and danika. andrea is a myspace friend of mine that i've met at a few shows and danika is a merch girl we met

next we have the teenage harlets

a terribly unattractive picture of a rather attractive gal

he was looking at me taking pics while he was onstage and he just kinda dived on me

he continued to spaz around on the floor

so after a certain point of spazzing on the floor mike grabbed him

this is the result

i forgot the name of this guy. but the girl is danika

this guy is the bassist of the briefs

my friend chloe

her sweet leg tattoo

me and the lead singer of the teenage harlets. johnny dismal.

commander angel nova

captain creehos

corporal joebot v. 2.0

professor greg airius

me and andrea

i dunno if you know, but earth is the best

i danced with mohawk girl for a bit

i think mike creeped her out :-p

amber is another awesome girl i met who i danced with through most of the briefs

lead singer of the rock n roll adventure kids

mikes friend sherri

we had a good time

everybody's up there with the briefs

major jimmy boom and me

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